Meet the team

We are the ones living and working to make this dream come true and build the mobile IMAGOphotour. Mostly all of us where part of the adventure IMAGO1:1: restorating the historic camera, running it in the Berlin artroom, doing exhibitions and of course developing the needed Direct Positive Paper.
We have a vision and now we are here to take the next big step. With you!

Passionate, hard working and now hoping that you will support us.


Susanna Kraus, Owner & Art-Director

Susanna Kraus
Owner and Art-Director


Annegret Kohlmayer, Partner & Photographer

Annegret Kohlmayer
Partner & Photographic Team


Caro Bräuer, Photographic Team

Caro Bräuer
Photographic Team


Jakob Kraus, Engineer

Jakob Kraus



Martin Reinhart


Elena Capra, Photographic Team

Elena Capra
Photographic Team


Paul Kraus, Engineer

Paul Kraus


Erika Borbély Hansen, Photographic Team

Erika Borbély Hansen
Photographic Team


Severin Matusek, Copy-Writer & Passionist

Severin Matusek



Family and friends in loving memory of

Werner Kraus (†2011)


Werner Kraus, Physicist & Inventor

Physicist & Inventor