Our mission


We want to build the mobile IMAGO1:1 – the IMAGOphotour


The camera IMAGO1:1 is the world`s biggest walk-in portrait camera.
You got it right – walk-in camera!

The 1970th`s IMAGO1:1 is the only camera in the world that makes lifesize portraits in 60 cm x 200 cm that are directly exposed on direct positive paper in black and white.

From the moment you "push the button" (shutter release) standing in the camera to take your portrait to the moment you hold your lifesize portrait in your hands it needs just around 10 minutes.
Like a supersized polaroid it is direct exposed in 60cm x 200cm – life-size.

People can't wait to see their portrait and they always are happily nervous.

Analogue photography at it`s best.
No negative, no digital backup exists. Magical! Beautiful.

We want to build the mobile IMAGOphotour to take this kind of magic all around the world from 2013 on.


Why we can not travel the world with the historic IMAGO1:1?

Because the lady is tired of travelling.
The camera was built in 1970 and was not designed and constructed for travelling at all. It is now firmly based in Berlin Kreuzberg where you can visit "the original".
The camera size is 7 x 4 x 3 meters, it weighs 1.7 tons and is made of massive steel.

A heavy old lady!

IMAGOphotour – who builds the travel version?

The camera will be build by me, Susanna Kraus and my two sons Jakob and Paul.
Both have been involved in the project from the beginning, starting with restauration of the original camera IMAGO1:1,  building it up and tearing it down several times.

We received all the relevant knowledge from grandfather Werner Kraus, inventor of the original camera who died at the end of last year. During my childhood I heard so often my father speaking about his dream of a 'mobile' camera IMAGO1:1 and now I will make it come true.


What's the difference to the historic camera IMAGO1:1?

The IMAGOphotour will be based on modern day material like aluminium frames, sheet steel, fibre and foldable canvas.
Weight will be 700kg, 1 ton less than the original one!

Every single element and the complete technical equipment e.g. lens and exposure unit needs to be custom made. It can be transported continental via truck (7.5t) or via shipping container and to set it up is a lot faster than setting up the historic camera.